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We are pleased to offer alterations to RIXO garments and selected vintage items upon request at our King’s Road store.

Our garment expert: Liudmyla Kirk

This service is provided by Liudmyla, our Alteration & Repairs Specialist. Beyond our Co-founder Orlagh, there is no one more knowledgeable about RIXO’s styles and fits. “Liudmyla is my right-hand person and fit extraordinaire, who helps me perfect every garment at RIXO,” says Orlagh.

She had a hand in creating most of them, as well as Orlagh’s wedding gown, and remains her most trusted advisor on fit.

How it works

If you would like to make an alteration to any RIXO garment or a vintage garment, please bring it along to our King’s Road store for us to assess. 

More complicated alterations including on our bridal styles and gowns require an in-person appointment with Liudmyla, as she will likely need to see you in your garment, hear about your requirements, have you stand in the heels you plan to wear with the garment and do a comprehensive fitting.

How to book

We ask that you visit us at King’s Road with your garment to discuss alterations, as the service is restricted to this store. We may be able to turn simple alterations around in a day but cannot guarantee this as it will depend on how many alterations are queued ahead. 

Please note, if your alteration is more complex then we will need to make an appointment, so it may be advisable to email ahead. Alterations are a specialist service, and we regret that you cannot book them through our website. Our customer care team will not be able to arrange alterations or fitting appointments.

How to pay

Services start at £25 and are priced according to complexity. You will only be charged for work completed. Prices are set at our discretion, and we cannot accept the return of altered garments for refund. Please read full terms & conditions here.