Who Are We?

About Us


RIXO’s story began in 2015 in the London living room of
best friends, then students Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey.

Our philosophy at RIXO is to inspire a wanderlust and free spirit in all our wearers, filling a gap in the contemporary market with easy-to-wear, feminine shapes, and high-quality materials. Always inclusive, always empowering, we create a fusion of original hand-painted prints and timeless silhouettes to flatter every woman, irrespective of age, season, size, nationality, or time of day. We hope there is something in our range for you, that makes you feel the best version of yourself. 

Anyone can be a #HumansOfRixo. 


Henrietta and Orlagh met at University of Arts London, where in their first lecture Henrietta complimented Orlagh on her vintage handbag, The rest is history! Bonding initially over their mutual love of vintage, the pair became best friends and even lived together through their first five years in business, becoming more like sisters.

As female founders, both are equally passionate about nurturing every facet of the business and live, breath, eat and sleep RIXO. With no outside funding or investment, they make every decision and are still in full control of the brand, a strategy they believe is key to its longevity and the freedom to ensure they can stand by what they feel is right for their business, without the pressure of externally set targets. 


Leads the design department and is obsessed with fit and creating the most flattering shapes and cuts for you, our #HumansOfRixo, alongside hand painting the special RIXO prints you see on our carefully chosen fabrics. 


Responsible for building a global IG community and creating each individual post and story you see on our
RIXO feed today, as well as directing all styling. 

“The vintage treasures you always dream about, sans the effort and price tag required to find them.”



At RIXO our vision is to create vintage inspired one-off pieces for women to wear with confidence, for a variety of occasions, to feel the best version of herself. The founders love nothing more than seeing their global #HumansOfRixo styling designs in their own way, be it with trainers or heels, on a beach or in the city! Since the launch of the first hand-painted print in 2015, unique prints play a large part of the RIXO range. 

No piece is mass produced and our family run, small suppliers are very close to the girls, both personally and professionally.



RIXO pieces are often inspired by our Co-Founders’ favourite vintage finds. Henrietta always styles RIXO garments for shoots with treasures from their personal collections. The starting point of every design is the woman who will wear it. “I start the process by firstly thinking who, where and when a dress might be worn, so I can envisage what I think would work best,” says Orlagh. Inspired by the past and with women at the forefront of our minds, RIXO produces future vintage.