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Actress, broadcaster, and London local, Jo Good is proof that you can have fun with fashion at any age. Jo has worked for the BBC for over 20 years as an award-winning breakfast show host and journalist for BBC Radio London. In 2019, she launched her YouTube Channel, #Middleagedminx, which has garnered a loyal subscriber base. Through her channel, she shares style and beauty tips, as well as snippets from her daily life in London. Jo has an infectious laugh and exudes magnetic energy. We had a great time shooting with her in our King’s Road flagship store. With this energy, and her love for patterns and colour, she embodies the essence of a RIXO woman. In fact, she was one of our first ever customers, visiting our first London pop-up in 2015.

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How has your style changed as you’ve got older?

I have invested more in quality fashion as I've got older. I'm far less driven by trends and driven more by quality fabric and style. Price per wear is so important. I look forward to opening my wardrobe doors as all my clothes are friends. I know that sounds saccharine but I have invested time and money into every piece . There is nothing in my wardrobe that is never worn.

What is it about RIXO clothes that makes you feel good?

Simple. Cut, colour, fabric and charisma. They are always "on message". Stylish and fun and suit ANY shape or age. I truly believe they are one of the few labels who are celebrated by every generation!

Tips for getting more wear out if your favorite wardrobe pieces?

I never over wash or dry clean. I was taught by Rudolph Nyreyev's wardrobe master when I was an cherish your clothes. Never wash the life out of them and try and avoid dry cleaners unless absolutely necessary. Take the clothes off when you get home (whatever the time) change into comfies. Then hang the clothes up and look for any marks...if you find any....simply sponge off...Clothes do not need constant dry cleaning. And its true that if you buy classic then they never date. You can switch and change up accessories. For example a RIXO dress (any) can be worn as a day dress, a picnic dress, a night at the ballet, or a wedding guest outfit.....simply by changing accessories. That is how clever RIXO is.

You were one of our first customers & went to the first RIXO pop-up store 8 years ago, what do you remember about it?

OMG! It was like I had walked into heaven! It was a tiny shop on the corner of Carnaby St (not where it is now), the two girls were in there....and it was like an art gallery. I think that's what I love about the RIXO stores...they are similar to art galleries. There were probably seven styles of dresses...all displayed in colour (as they still are), the changing rooms were upstairs. The shop was full of girls and women...running up and down the stairs trying clothes on...we were all squealing because we truly hadn't seen dresses like this. They were designer but they were more "affordable" and they were a LONDON label!!! I bought one immediately. A black and white monochrome with a kitten bow and slits up the side... The next day I was presenting my radio show from Joe Allen's in Covent Garden. I wore the dress and everyone was asking about it. I always think I was helping promote that tiny Carnaby St store...but I soon realised they didn't need my help!!! Since then I have built up quite a RIXO collection!!!

How would you describe your style & what would be your everyday styling tips?

My style is always full of colour. I am an extrovert....I like to be noticed.....I don't believe in "age appropriate" dressing. I wear what I love. And usually with high heels as I'm so short. I believe in vanity over comfort when it comes to footwear. Obviously I'm not going to start revealing my midriff or legs above the knee....but my style hasn't changed a great deal from when I was's just more "considered" and less "trendy". I will never lose the joy of deciding what to wear every morning.....many of my followers tell me "I wish I could get away with wearing something like that!" I always respond with "You can...only purchase what you truly love...then you will always feel good". That way there are no shop treat your clothes like friends. After all mother (who is 98) still loves clothes.....but her generation never had the choice we have now. She always marvels at the way I can roll up my RIXO outfits into my hand luggage...arrive....and wear it straight away with no creases!!! Now that's an advantage.

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