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Fabrics - Supply Chain Transparency - Printing & Dyeing - Offcuts - Transport - Circularity


We have committed to ensuring all our fabrics are fully traceable to Tier 3 by 2025, via RIXO’s Supply Chain Tracker.
Silk use at RIXO Silk use at RIXO Silk use at RIXO


Our silk supply chain is simplified for lower carbon emissions. All our pieces are produced in the Silk Region of the Suzhou Province where the fabric is carried on foot from the printing studio to the factory next door to be sewn. Silk is a RIXO favourite as it lasts beautifully and is naturally a more sustainable fabric. It can biodegrade and uses less water, chemicals, and energy than most materials.

Linen use at RIXO Linen use at RIXO Linen use at RIXO


For 2024, we will be partnering with The Better Cotton Initiative to achieve a 100% Organic certification by 2025. Better cotton means better water use and farming practices. Organic cotton uses 92%* less water than conventional cotton, and is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

Linen at RIXO Linen at RIXO Linen at RIXO


Produced naturally using the flax plant, our linen is grown free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). We‘re making a conscious effort to increase our share of GOTS certified linen in our garments. Watch this space.

Viscose use at RIXO Viscose use at RIXO Viscose use at RIXO


Viscose is a man-made fibre crafted from wood pulp. In addition to our 2025 Supply Chain pledge, we’re looking to ensure that all of our viscose comes from forests where biodiversity is protected and no more trees are felled than the forest can regrow.

Our Production

Our suppliers are carefully selected for their credentials, expertise and craftsmanship. Partnering with great suppliers long-term is key to our business model and even helps us minimise waste: when we know each other's handwriting, we can all rely on fewer samples, less returns and sometimes even approve samples from a photograph.

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76% of our 2022 stock was made by our longest standing RIXO supplier, a husband and wife duo that we’ve been working with since day one (7 years). They follow Fairtrade standards and ensure the use of 100% eco-friendly OEKO-TEX® certified materials, Global Organic Textile (GOTS) Standard certified Organic cotton, as well as recycled Polyester and Polyamide where possible for garment lining.


17% was crafted by a family-owned factory in India.


4% were made by a Vietnamese family-owned business.


2% came from a female-led business in Turkey who promote female empowerment and share a percentage of their profits with their staff. Their fabric suppliers are all GOTS, SEDEX ETAR and CAPR certified.

Bulgaria & Romania

0.4% came from Bulgaria and 0.3% were made by a female-founded studio in Romania.


And 0.1% of our stock (shoes) in 2022 was made in Spain.

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Printing, dyeing, offcuts & transport

Instead of screen printing, we print digitally for a smaller environmental footprint, for better energy and water use, and to reduce chemical waste.

We design ‘two-way’ prints to reduce offcuts. Anything left over is then used for fit samples and repurposed into our scrunchies, scarves and washbags. Find them here.

To limit carbon emissions, we have efficiency KPIs to make sure we consolidate all shipments. 

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The Silk Region, China’s Suzhou Province.


100% silk


Oeko Tex®


Our silk has been legally certified Oeko Tex® Standard 100 following rigorous testing for numerous regulated and non-regulated harmful substances in line with the latest scientific standards. This protects the health of our garment workers, wearers and the environment alike.

Dying Process

We use low-impact, 100% AZO free dyes. For leftover blackwater, an innovative filter system then removes any dye residue so it can be reused to wash the fabric.

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RIXO's circular dream

Circularity is a big part of our brand ethos ~ We have always designed each RIXO piece for an abundant life: to eventually become Future Vintage. Whether that’s a treasure in a vintage shop, or an heirloom passed down to your loved ones to cherish for seasons to come. Our drops are only once a month to reduce overstock, enabling you to purchase wisely and buy only what you love. We‘re also constantly developing new ways to get the most value out of your RIXO.


Alterations at RIXO Alterations at RIXO Alterations at RIXO


We’re now offering Repairs & Alterations at our King’s Road flagship store.

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You can hire RIXO pieces directly from us ~ Going against the grain of throw-away garment culture and keeping clothes in circulation, helps divert textile waste from landfill and, according to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation can decrease a garment’s environmental footprint by 44%.

RIXO rental
RIXO vintage RIXO vintage RIXO vintage


Find second hand RIXO pieces alongside curated vintage in-store with RIXO Pre-Loved at our London flagship store.

Charity manifesto at RIXO Charity manifesto at RIXO Charity manifesto at RIXO

Our end-of-life solutions include:

Donating to SmartWorks charity on a yearly basis to support disenfranchised women entering the workplace and help get them interview-ready. - Hosting numerous sample sale events per year. This prevents any spare showroom displays, returns, overstock or catwalk samples from being sent to landfill. - Giving samples to the #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale in partnership with Selfridges, where all proceeds go to charity.

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Fabrics - Supply Chain Transparency - Printing & Dyeing - Offcuts - Transport - Circularity

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Female Empowerment - Community Outreach - Equal Opportunity Workplace Measures - HQ Initiatives - Gender Equality Roadmap

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Recycling - Packaging - Plastics - In-store Sustainability - Carbon Footprint - Water Roadmap

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