Swap the RIXO in your wardrobe for vouchers to spend on more… RIXO

Love your RIXO but need to make some space in your wardrobe? We believe RIXO can live on and on and you can give yours a new life with someone else. Bring your pre-loved RIXO pieces to our King’s Road flagship store and swap them for vouchers that can be used to shop with us. We then resell your past purchases in the store.

How it works

You can bring a pre-loved RIXO item from any collection—including RIXO styles purchased from another retailer—to our flagship store. We will assess authenticity and state of repair and offer a voucher corresponding to the item type and quality.

Your voucher can be used to shop for full-priced items in RIXO stores and on our website. We will then resell your pre-loved RIXO in our flagship store.

Before you come in

We’re always excited to see pre-loved items but ask that you keep the following in mind:

  • Your RIXO needs to have its original fabric brand label intact to be accepted.
  • Items must be clean and wearable, with no serious damage.
  • We may accept an altered item, depending on its state.
  • We do not currently accept pre-loved jewellery or accessories.
  • Our staff are trained to identify counterfeit products, and these will always be rejected.
  • We determine whether an item and its voucher are resaleable based on our expertise.
  • We examine pre-loved items on our King’s Road premises only.
  • We cannot guarantee an item’s acceptance or voucher via phone or e-mail in advance.
  • Our Customer Care team are unable to tell you the acceptability or value of a pre-loved item from photos or verbal or written description and will direct you to our King’s Road store.
  • We do not currently accept pre-loved jewellery, swimwear, shoes or accessories.
  • Customers can bring in a maximum of 3 items at one time
  • All items must be over 3 months old
  • There will be a monthly number of units we can accept in store, so our acceptance is subject to demand
  • We do not accept the return of pre-loved items.
  • Please read full RIXO Pre-Loved Terms & Conditions here.
  • Pre-Loved items are different from RIXO True Vintage items. True Vintage items may not be swapped for Pre-Loved vouchers and are treated differently in our Terms & Conditions.


Think you’d like to show us your pre-loved styles? Come and say hello to our King’s Road team.