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Our promise

The RIXO dream is circular. To be makers you can trust, who craft love-forever clothes with quality that stands the test of time. We’ve always designed each piece to become Future Vintage. But what good is creativity without accountability?

Our dedicated in-house Sustainability Manager and consultants have set us ambitious goals to produce better and enable our community to buy better. Our commitments will grow and improve as we adapt and evolve. Transparency is important to us and we want to track our progress together, so you can hold us accountable for all our targets below. We’ll be adding to them every year.

We’re taking a 360 degree approach, but some things need special attention. In 2023 our focal themes were Circularity, Fabrics and Women. For 2024, we’ll be zoning in on Inclusivity, Plastics, Water and Carbon.

Love, Henrietta & Orlagh x
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Fabrics - Supply Chain Transparency - Printing & Dyeing - Offcuts - Transport - Circularity

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Female Empowerment - Community Outreach - Equal Opportunity Workplace Measures - HQ Initiatives - Gender Equality Roadmap

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Recycling - Packaging - Plastics - In-store Sustainability - Carbon Footprint - Water Roadmap

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inclusivity at RIXO inclusivity at RIXO inclusivity at RIXO


In 2024, we’re on the case to sponsor, train and hire great candidates from disenfranchised communities and enable them to break into the fashion industry.

Plastic usage at RIXO Plastic usage at RIXO Plastic usage at RIXO


We pledge to reduce plastic along the supply chain, by reviewing our plastic footprint.

Water usage at RIXO Water usage at RIXO Water usage at RIXO


View our SDG 6 Water Target Roadmap on the Planet section to track our pledges from now until 2028.

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Carbon usage at RIXO Carbon usage at RIXO Carbon usage at RIXO


We have big plans to minimise our carbon footprint and wholeheartedly believe that buying carbon credits is simply not enough. View our Planet section for CARBON targets for 2025 and 2028.

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